Dr Lalit saves life of woman and baby in rural Nepal

Dr Lalit saves life of woman and baby in rural Nepal

We are extremely proud to be sharing some uplifting news from Nepal; this week, our first DFN scholarship recipient, Dr Lalit, saved the life of a 22 year woman and her baby.

The young woman arrived at Lalit’s remote hospital in the mountains by foot at 8:30 pm complaining of bleeding. She had been seen by an auxillary nurse midwife at a small health post in her village during her pregnancy, and had received an ultrasound scan one month before, which had revealed a low lying placenta.

Luckily her parents asked her to come to their house in Khadbari (near to the district hospital) thinking of the possibility of complications of her pregnancy.

She arrived in Khadbari alone. Suddenly she was in extreme labour pains, passing a huge amount of blood. Her parents transported her to the local hospital where Dr Lalit works, and Lalit scanned her – which indeed confirmed that the placenta was completely covering the cervix (the way out for the baby) and was actively haemorrhaging.

Lalit explained the severity of the condition and the need for an immediate Caesarean Section. She was too ill to transfer to a higher level of care, and the decision was made to prepare for surgery. They were able to prepare blood in case she needed transfusions, and opened her abdomen – with the baby out in 5 minutes from start of surgery. Unfortunately, despite safe removal of the troublesome placenta, there was continuous bleeding from the lower segment of the uterus. It was extremely difficult to control the bleeding, and took the team many attempts to get the haemorrhaging womb to settle.

The baby required antibiotics for sepsis – but her and the mother are doing extremely well. This is a wonderful example of the huge difference that our doctors and nurses can make to lives in the Himalayas. Without the expertise of doctors like Lalit, this woman’s life (and the lives of many others) would have been cut short. Dr Lalit says “Everything is going well with her.  I am very happy to save the life of mother.  It is the most proudest moment in my profession life. Thank you for your support too”.

Well done Lalit!!