Dr Kate Yarrow appears on Nepal TV

Dr Kate Yarrow was invited onto NAMASTE TV SHOW on Nepal TV as their special guest for a 90 minute live programme.  Kate was the only guest and had a great opportunity to let the whole of Nepal know about the work of Doctors for Nepal and her experiences in Nepal since her first visit in 2006.  Kate and host Sahana Bajracharya discuss the problems still facing Nepal and how Doctors for Nepal is trying to solve the problems of healthcare in rural Nepal in particular.  Towards the end of the clip, 43.05, there is a short film that Namaste TV Show made with Kate as she revisits Susmita and family who are still living in a displacement in Kathmandu, 15 months after the devastating earthquake of April 2015.  We are currently translating Susmita’s chat with Kate so watch this space.


Dr Kate Yarrow returns to displacement camp in Kathmandu 

. . . but will she find Susmita and Santhi STILL living in a crowded tent in filthy conditions?

In October 2015, Kate, along with director/cameraman Gareth Taylor, visited a displacement camp in Kathmandu 6 months after the devastating earthquake.  There they met two sisters – Susmita, 15, and Santhi, 11.  The girls showed Kate their living conditions – seven people living in one small tent.  Susmita is blind and found it very difficult to get around the squalid camp, but was putting a happy face on her situation and pleaded with Kate to come back to see her soon.  Kate promised she would, so in June 2016, during a DFN Trustees visit to Nepal, Kate kept her promise and went looking for Susmita and Santi, hoping that she wouldn’t find the girls STILL living in their cramped tent.  Watch this short video to see what happened:



“NAMASTE: a Himalayan Journey” 58 minute documentary

In the film, Dr Kate Yarrow, founder of Doctors for Nepal, goes on a life-changing, two-year adventure following some of the incredible journeys patients endure to reach healthcare in remote areas of Nepal. After the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal on 25th April 2015, Kate uncovers the challenges facing doctors and patients in rural areas, and reveals the extraordinary personal journeys of the people she meets along the way.  Here is what broadcaster and journalist JON SNOW has to say about the film:

“It’s a lovely piece and a very neat, acute and moving insight into the way things are post earthquake in remote Nepal . . . it’s a terrific film to put on for awareness raising . . . The journey alone is a terrific achievement, but the way you have made the film is too. Congratulations.”   Jon Snow



Screenings already held in 2016:




Dr Kate Yarrow’s interview on BBC Newsroom South East on 25/4/16



Kate woman's hour

25/4/16 On the 1 year anniversary of  the earthquake that hit Nepal, Dr Kate Yarrow is interviewed by Jane Garvey on BBC Radio 4 WOMAN’S HOUR.





BBC world service logo25/4/16 Dr Kate Yarrow is interviewed by Dan Damon on BBC World Service: WORLD UPDATE.  Kate’s interview is 47.03 minutes in




9/11/15 Dr Kate Yarrow is interviewed on BBC RADIO SUSSEX DRIVETIME about DOCTORS FOR NEPAL and the situation in Nepal post earthquakes