Lalit Jung Shahi

  • Current job September 2016– 1 year rural posting in rural Nepal employed by Nick Simmons Institute, Nepal
  • Progress: Complete, Doctor in Kalikot District
  • Location of origin: Kalikot Disctrict, Karnali Zone, West Nepal
  • Parents occupation: Father – farmer, Mother – housewife
  • Siblings: One younger brother and 5 sisters

February 2017:  Lalit has just met up with our three new nursing students.  He is keen to make sure that they feel welcomed into the DFN family.

Lalit with our nurses







Whilst on a 3-month clinical placement in Milan (funded by another charity) Dr Lalit was learning the use of obstetric ultrasound. Despite experiencing significant culture-shock, he was able to gain from his placement and says:

I hope it will be useful for rural Nepal where women are dying due to lack of early diagnosis of complicated pregnancies.”

My Sponsors are my living GOD .. Thank you very much to all my sponsors !!

Nahakul Shahi

  • Progress: September 2016 passed finals – now undertaking 1 year internship Patan Hospital, Kathmandu
  • Location of origin: Kalikot district, West Nepal
  • Parents occupation: Father – farmer, Mother – housewife
  • Siblings: One younger brother

Nahakul completed his undergraduate training in August 2016 and is one our two newest Doctors for Nepal. He is currently working as an intern in Patan Hospital in Kathmandu, before heading off to rural areas next year.

My parents and relatives have no limits of joy; that was when I realized I was pursuing the dream of thousands who live amongst poverty with the dream like mine, many of which will never be fulfilled. So I am determined to change the lives of these people in whatever way possible.”

Meena Kafle Chaulagain

  • Progress: September 2016 passed finals – now undertaking 1 year internship Patan Hospital, Kathmandu
  • Location of origin: Jumla district, Sinja Pandugupha village
  • Parents occupation: Farmer
  • Siblings: One elder brother and three sisters

“At my village, most of children and women die because of inadequate health services, poverty and acute illnesses. From that time onwards, I wanted to be a good physician and serve those people in rural areas who are poor, uneducated, and innocent but they have desire to improve their life style.”

Meena completed her undergraduate training in August 2016 and is one our two newest Doctors for Nepal. She is currently working as an intern in Patan Hospital in Kathmandu, before heading off to rural areas next year.

February 2017:  “I am enjoying my internship in the dermatology department where I am seeing many cases of scabies, psoriasis,  vitiligo, eczema and tinea.  Our teachers are so thoughtful and they know the value of rural practices. They focus on the interns who are planning to work in rural areas like me.  They show us common cases and the management of them, which are more common in the rural areas of Nepal, so that it will be helpful for us in the future. I’m pretty sure that this posting, though just a week long, will definitely be of great help to me in identifying common skin diseases in the rural parts of Nepal. This has also given me lots of revision for my 4th year Dermatology posting.”

31/5/16  Namaste!! Here I am in Gorkha district for rural rotation, total duration of the rotation was twenty weeks from 7th February to 25th June. Five week rotation in Gorkha district public health office and next fifteen weeks in Gorkha District Hospital.  Now approximately five weeks left for rotation over here and then we will return to Patan Academy . . . Over here we were participate in daily activity of hospital and remaining time for exam preparation. I am doing my best over here . . . Sincerely, Meena



Apsara Hamal

  • Progress: 3rd year of study
  • Location of origin:Bhadpani-6, Phoimahadev, Kalikot
  • Parents occupation: Father – farmer, Mother – housewife
  • Siblings: One elder brother and three sisters

Prakash Interview


Prakash Thakulla

  • Progress: 3rd year of studying
  • Location of origin: Achham district, West Nepal
  • Parents occupation: Father – works in Mumbai (labourer) Mother – Housewife
  • Siblings: One older sister, one younger sister, and one younger brother

Your financial generosity has allowed me to one step closer to my dream and has inspired me to help others by giving to the community. I hope one day I’ll be able to help other students achieve their goal just as you have helped me. I’ll try to do my best to solve all these problems after the completion of my study and dedicate my whole life servicing to those who really are in trouble such as poor people, disabled people, old aged people, from the remote and backward regions.”

Kamal Hamal

Kamal Hamal

Namaste!  Hello Ma’am I’m fine here and hope you are also fine there.  Our final examination is coming soon, so I’m very busy in study now a days.   One good news; in our college I became a most valuable player in this sport years, so I’m very happy.  Your sincerely, Kamal Hamal  (6/6/16)

  • Progress: 2nd year of studying
  • Location of origin:
  • Parents occupation:
  • Siblings:

The Community Based Learning and Education (CBLE), being the major teaching learning methodology of PAHS, exposes us to various rural settings of Nepal. In this fifth CBLE posting I was nominated for sisneri VDC of Makwanpur district. Though this VDC is very near from Kathmandu valley is not much developed as expected by me. HP is only health facility availabe there. Many poor people visit there and get health services. Majority of people are Tamang so smoking and drinking is major problem.

This posting is all about health sensus. We had visited each and every house to find out the health status of the people. Due to geographical difficulties we had so many peoblem like walking, food etc. One interesting thing I had loose one kg weight due the heavy walk. Initially I’m allocated at ward number one but finally at six for data analysis. We all 61 students were allocated on the ward number six for collecting the data in final day of posting. So finally the report we had made was the combined effort of all the students of the fifth batch. So I’m happy to work with my friends.

This CBLE was very knowledgeful and helpful for me and was full of learning with fun People. They are poor and smoking and drinking problem is common. Drinking has led to many social problems. People of the VDC work very hard for two time meal. They work in the farm whole day. Few come up to Kathmandu valley for the job and their life is so struggling.

Another unique experience of life was talking to child to old people, taking their vitals like BP, temperature, and measuring height,weight. So this will help me in clinical science. This posting also taught us to use of SPSS for data analysis. It will be helpful when conducting research.

Overall I had a memorable posting that was enjoyable and fun in addition to being knowledgeable. Whatever I learned in the posting duration and after returning from there, will be very useful in my life. And this will help me to get the goal of my life.  Kamal Hamal, 10/12/16

Kamal 3Kamal 2 Kamal 1









Purna Adhikari

  • Progress: 1st year of studying
  • Location of origin: Phoimahadev 02, Nagma Kalikot, Karnali Nepal.
  • Parents occupation: Father – farmer,  Mother – housewife
  • Siblings: 1 younger sister

I feel so much happy and proud to and to be a part of DFN.  It was only possible to continue my study by the kind support, parenthood and good guidance of DFN. The treasure are good parents and guardians who always motivate and supports in every steps of my medical science career. I feel the DFN and every successful steps of my study are synonymous.

DFN will be immortal in my memory throughout the journey.

Dhanendra Shahi

  • Progress: 1st year of study
  • Location of origin: Phoimahadev 02, Nagma Kalikot, Karnali Nepal.
  • Parents occupation: Father – farmer,  Mother – housewife
  • Siblings: 1 younger sister

Initially, I want to thank you from the core of my heart for selecting me. In upcoming days I will try my best for proving that you had a fair selection.

It has been more than one month that I’m studying at PAHS. During these many days, I have cooperated with my new friends at PAHS. I’m very frank and friendly with my friends. Seniors, and teachers have been praising me due to my good tasks and hard work as well. I have by promise to keep it up in days to come. I have actively participated in my first slum posting at BalkhuJagarantole”.Faculty members and my friends praised me. I am very thankful to them. By the way I also got an opportunity to meet, Dr. LALIT JUNGSHAHI, the representive of DFN from Nepal. We had a good discussion and hi tea. It was really remarkable moment of my life.  Finally, I again want to thank you for selecting me on this scholarship scheme.

My study is going well. I’m working hard to get success . I just returned from my home after DASHAIN and TIHAR vacation. I am extremely sorry that i couldn’t remain in touch with you because there wasn’t internet facility at my home. I’m now feeling good to write these few words. Apart from my study i ‘m active in Student’s society of PAHS as well. I am reading different english novels as well so as to improve my english. Days in PAHS are going well. The whole credit goes to DFN team. I am so proud and blessed to be its member/student.

Here are some photos reflecting my life and difficulties in village. That’s all. Thank you!!


Me with my parents in my village


In my apple garden. Apple are one of our income source still cannot get good market so most of our apples goes as waste.


my grandmother and me in our apple garden. She is so happy when I talk about you and DFN family about your love and support towards me.


Smiling pic of parents with sick baby at Karnali Bridge. To get the treatment of their baby, people of my village are moving to Primary Health Care Centre which is located in Kolti. We have to walk 6 to 7 hours to reach PHCC.


“Namaste to DFN from our Side” Aaibaney Biswokarma & Harinda Biswokarma