Travelling to Manma in Kalicot District

Travelling to Manma in Kalicot District

girl with stoneKate, one of our trustee’s Nat, and one of our newly qualified Doctors for Nepal Nahakul have travelled out to Kalicot to visit Manma Hospital where Kate first worked as a doctor for Médecins Sans Frontières, and where some of our documentary “Namaste – a Himalayan Journey” was filmed.  Here’s what Kate has to say:

“Amazing day in Kalikot. Welcomed by local media over breakfast, we met Nahakul’s beautiful family,Nahakul and his parents






Nahakul and Nat lecturingtaught at the hospital in Manma,






Audience for Namaste screening

then showed our film NAMASTE – A HIMALAYAN JOURNEY to the village.



Village with dried chickpeas etc
Feeling great about the future of charity: all coming together at last.  Thank you to everyone for your wonderful support, not to mention Dr Lalit for project managing us from his revision in Kathmandu!”